What’s Your Favorite Disney Halloween Costume?

Halloween is always a great holiday for kiddies and one of the most popular holidays people look forward to.  I know my kids are always excited and I am too, not only for them, but I love dressing up as well!  This year what do you think the most popular Halloween costumes are??  Here I will show you a few that have caught my attention, not only it’s popular, but also price because the parents have to deal with that part! 🙂

Let’s face it, Frozen is still a huge fan favorite and there’s nothing cuter than this Elsa costume that is so detailed!  Elsa and her ice powers really captures a little girl’s heart; this costume has options to fit girls from ages 3 to 12!  If you want to see what others’ say about this costume, click HERE!

If you’re more of an Anna fan, which I am personally because of her saving the day with her selfless love for her sister, this costume would be great for your child!  I love these matching costumes because they are made so well with all the details of the real characters.  And the price is OMG, all under $20!!  If you want to buy now, click HERE!

Let’s not forget the rest of the princesses that we all love!!  You can find these awesome princess costumes all in one place HERE!

Or you can use the above search to find your favorite princess costume.  Your children will love to wear this for fun or for Halloween.  Little girls always love their princesses and being in their costumes will give them hours of play!


This next one I found is one of my next favorite Disney movies, Finding Dory!  This costume is so awesome because it keeps your baby warm in the head/body but the arms and legs are free to move.  It’s super cute and many are saying it’s a five star costume!  If you children loved the Finding Dory movie as much I did, they would sure love to be Dory this year!  Click HERE to see the details!

Of course, you can’t have Dory without Nemo!  This Nemo costume is designed to keep your baby warm like the Dory costume and will be a fan fave during trick or treating time!  Perhaps the orange brighter color will keep your child going from door to door and crossing the neighborhood streets.  Find the Nemo costume HERE!


Are you a Star Wars fan?  One of my all time favorite costume for my little girls is this fun Princess Leia costume!  I love it because of the hair buns and the body romper kept my babies warm in it while they wore it.  It’s an easy costume for young ones to get in and out of and there are not a lot of pieces to it,  just two.

There are a lot more costumes out there but these are definitely my faves!  Hope you will find that these are the best priced costumes as well so you don’t have to break the bank this Halloween season!

If there’s a costume you can’t find, just let me know so I can try and find it for you!  Just tell me in the comments below!


Stay Happy!

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