Is Moana A Princess? Here’s A Closer Look!

The Movie

Moana, voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, is not your typical princess, she’s the daughter of a Chief and a heroine who travels across the Pacific Ocean to fight for her people.  I loved that this story was not about getting her prince or falling in love because I find that too many movies for kids are focused on romance.

Instead, this story takes you on an adventure!  A journey where you go from the seeing the ocean being Moana’s friend when she was a toddler to her growing up to a beautifully curious 16 year old wondering why the ocean keeps calling her.

Moana learns from her grandma, Gramma Tala, that she’s the chosen one and she will be the only one that can help save her island and her people.

Her people are in danger because their island had become cursed when heart of the island goddess, Te Fiti, was stolen by the ocean’s demigod, Maui.  The heart is actually a small, precious pounamu stone, green in color.  When Maui encountered the lava monster, he lost his magical hook and the heart, which cursed all the islands that were created by Te Fiti.

That all happened before Moana was born, as she grew into a toddler, you can see that she loves playing by the water and ocean responds to her so gently.

The cutest Moana is when she was a toddler, I don’t know if the creators could have made her more cute.  All her mannerisms were that of a toddler too, she was so adorable!

She does grow up to be a very responsible teenager and as much as she wants to listen to her parents, the ocean was calling her.  Her grandmother was the one that encouraged her to be free to explore into the ocean and telling her she’s the chosen one.

She also learned that her villagers once had really great, big ships they had built but all those boats were abandoned in a cave because her father had lost his closest friend one day when they were in the powerful ocean.  Another reason why her father was adamant about not letting Moana travel in the waters past the reef.

As her island loses more fishes and other food sources, it was clear to Moana she had to do what she always wanted to do… travel past the reef and save her island.

The adventure that ensues for Moana is a fun one with the help of Maui and a not-so-bright rooster named Hei Hei by her side. Maui teaches her how to sail properly and reluctantly goes with her to find the heart that he had lost and to possibly find his magical hook as well.

The story ends well of course, as it is Disney, but I loved this story as it’s very empowering for young girls like my daughters to see what a girl can accomplish! She had help of course, but not from a prince.

Maui’s character is very fun and voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His tattoos tell his stories and they move all over his body too. His build is big and doesn’t look like your typical “good lookingprince which was very refreshing of Disney to do!

Overall, this movie does a nice job of giving you adventure, teaches young kids to be courageous, and following your heart.


Is Moana a Princess?

She’s a daughter of a Chief and a Chief is the highest ranking for that society, therefore, Moana is a Polynesian Princess in this story.  Much like being a daughter of a King, being a daughter of a Chief also gives you the title of Princess.

What do you think about her title of Princess?

Did you like the movie Moana?

If you have little ones, boys or girls, you have to take them to see this movie!  It’s a wonderful story about adventure, friendship, courage, and helping others.  There are laughs all along the way and some really great music in it too.  This movie was very well made and kept you entertained all the way through.


Moana Fun

Is Moana the big Christmas hit this year?  It will be in our house!  We are getting our girls these three Funko Pop versions of Moana, Little Moana and Maui.

I just find them so cute and adorable, I hope they will love them Christmas morning!  If you want to find yours, just click on the image above.

There are already a lot of Moana merchandise to choose from and I can’t imagine you can’t find something for the Moana lover in your house!  There are books, heart necklaces, Lego sets, Moana in her canoe, and even microphones; there are so much to choose from, you can see them all here.



Please let me know what parts of the Moana movie you loved in the comments below!!  Would love to hear from you!


Stay Happy!

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