Disney Princess Toddler Plush Dolls

Have you seen my My Mickey Life Instagram post about this little baby and her Disney Princess Toddler Plush Dolls?  Gosh, people just gushed over her!


Awww Baby Cinderella with her Disney Princess Posse!! #squadgoals Do you love this or what? 📷: @chelebelle21

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My audience just loved this baby photo and wondered where to buy these lovely plush dolls.  Here’s a hint, look below!  😛  Just click on the photos for more details on them.


My girls have a few of these Disney Princess Toddler Plush dolls and they are very cute in person.  I think anything turned into a “baby” size is super cute, so I’m a sucker for them right away.  LOL

They are so soft and cuddly, standing at about 12″ tall, it’s really the perfect size to snuggle with.

Definitely a great collection to have if your little princess is into them or if you’re just an avid Disney collector, as you can’t find these on the Disney Store site anymore for some reason.

If you also want a newborn photograph like this, there are no better props than these dolls.  As they are 12 inches in height, most babies in their first week to ten days are about that tall, so when paired together, they all look the same.  If you’re a photographer yourself, having these toddler plush dolls is a must!  These make the best newborn photographs and I’ve had another one of these photos on my Instagram account but with a baby boy and the crowd was crazy over that one too.


Besides the Disney Princess Toddler Dolls above I’ve also found these hard to find Princess Tiana and Pocahontas to the left.

I just love those big eyes of theirs.  Princess Tiana has a flower pedaled crown and matching light green dress accented with a white flower.  Pocahontas has her classic native dress on.  Both are a great addition to the Princess collection.

Aren’t they super cute?  There aren’t that many left of these ones, so you should get them while you can.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂  For more details on these two dolls, just click on their photo.


There’s also lovely Rapunzel I’d like to show you because her hair at the back is just super adorable!

Her hair at the back even has little flowers decorated on it.  So special!

Her dress has the perfect tones of purple too.

For more on Rapunzel, just click on her photo. 🙂



Soft, cuddly plush dolls are the perfect Christmas or birthday present to any young or even older child.  The dolls serve as a buddy to your kids and keeps them company at night.

There you have it the Disney Princess Toddler Dolls that no one can really find anymore because Disney has discontinued it maybe?  I’m so glad I can still find these for you.  Not sure how much longer they will be on here for but check them out soon here before they are gone forever.

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Stay Happy!

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