Crochet Knit Costumes For Your Babies

Are you ready to go goo-goo ga-ga over these very cute crochet knit costumes for your little babies?

I love these types of costumes because it makes your photographs so much cuter and who doesn’t want that?  If you’re a photographer, these are great for you too for your prop collection.  Every mom would want her newborn’s first photographs to be super cute right?

I also love these types of costumes because they are soft, which are great for babies, and they are simple to wear.  You don’t want to fuss around with complicated costumes with your baby, you have much else to worry about!  🙂

The first two are for all the Disney fans out there!  I have found the best Minnie and Mickey Mouse Crochet Knit Costumes!  They are so darling aren’t they?

This Minnie Mouse set comes with the hat with the cute red bow with white polka dots, the skirt with the same matching polka dots and a long black tail at the back, and tiny red knit shoes to match.

Makes your baby look even more magical! 🙂  See what other customers say about this darling outfit HERE!



The Mickey Mouse version is just as cute for those baby boys!  This adorable set comes with a Mickey Mouse hat, diaper cover with the yellow buttons in the front and back along with a long black tail, and completed with yellow knit booties!  Super cute indeed and your baby will be so comfortable in them too!

You can find even more details on this Mickey Mouse Crochet Knit Costume right HERE!



Turkey Day is coming and you don’t want to miss this for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  This set will dress up your little cutie pie like a turkey that’s read to be served. 😉

This has two pieces:  The hat that has the five different colored feathers on top with the eye, beak, and even a little snood; the other piece is the diaper cover with matching colored tailed. The two piece set is perfect for the upcoming holiday season so go check it out HERE!



I really love this next one for little baby girls, it’s a Ladybug!  This is such a classic custom for little ones, I remember dressing my girls in this one for sure.  They always look so sweet in a ladybug outfit!  🙂

This set is also has two pieces:  A black hat with two little antennas and a red flower on it; and the ladybug shell for her back.   This Ladybug Crochet Knit Costume is such a sweet set!  See more details HERE.



This next one is a wonderful unisex costume for both boy and girl: The Caterpillar!

The Caterpillar Crochet Knit Costume has so many fun, bright colors like red, dark and light blues, green, and purple.  This will definitely keep baby warm too since it covers the baby’s whole body, which is pretty in blues, green, and pink stripes.  The hat is super cute with purple antennas, eyes and nose.

Find this Caterpillar costume right HERE!



Here’s a Fox Crochet Knit Costume that I think both baby boy and baby girl can wear as well as it’s all orange!

The details on this Fox costume is really great with the head piece having two toned “fur” colors and pointed ears.  Its nose actually points out a bit too which is pretty cool!  The diaper cover has a nice big fox tail with the matching two two toned coloring.

Get this little sly Fox costume HERE!



Who doesn’t want to dress their little baby girl up as a mermaid??  🙂  Just saying that word mermaid makes me happy already!  This little Mermaid Crochet Knit Costume is totally adorable!!

This set has three pieces:  a blue headband with a starfish on it, two seashells with straps for the body, and a beautifully long mermaid tail to cover the lower body.  Love the little white ruffles too on the mermaid tail!

Find this wonderful Mermaid set HERE!



Lastly, we have for you super hero fans, the Batman Crochet Knit Costume!  Do you have a little super hero in your life?  This would be perfect for him. 🙂

This costume comes in one whole piece, the cape attaches on to the cap part which is easy enough to put on your baby for a quick photo!  The cape just drapes very nicely over the baby’s body too.

It’s got the black, grey and yellow Batman colors, and it’s rated 5 stars on Amazon!  Better check it out HERE now!



With so many fun crochet knit costumes, I bet you’ll be able to see that your babes will look super cute in them!  Perfect for photography shoots, fun birthday parties, and just everyday dress up fun!

With crochet knits, your babies will love to be in them as they are super soft and will keep them warm wherever they are!


Stay Happy!




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